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A glance out the window helps me to remember the day you walked away. Me holding my heart hoping you would turn around and say that you’ll stay. you didn’t look back once or even peep through the corner of your eye at me. oh, now I see the betrayal. You have fallen out of love and myself left in the panic of my heart throbbing out my chest…

Grabbing and throwing everything in my path feeling inhuman and untamed by this beast of sadness. Knowing one day I will miss and crave for your kiss. I close my eyes as tight as I can as the tears form. It’s another moment without you another moment towards you forgetting me as I remember what I can’t forget.

Written by Jason R Robin’s

Another sleepless night in a pitch black room, eyes wide open…. They say sleepless nights are caused by having alot on you mind. I’m hoping, maybe that these noises I keep hearing will stop…. I’m so sleepy, these noises are creepy…. My home is like a ghost town. It’s dark but every time I hear this sound. I rise looking around… Ok coast is clear, lay back down and try to close my eyes.

There it goes again, It’s loud and sounds like a chair screeching across the floor… I can’t ignore. I know for sure that I have heard this sound before…

Look over my shoulder I knew it was you… Playing that rumble, mumble beat. Your ring is silent but your horn is violent…. As I push you over to your side

Written by Julie Dempsey

My coffee and I await this beautiful painting…. Gold pink and blue are the colors mixed so smooth and perfect. These morning humming birds are the greatest song ever made. The smell of this coffee goes good with the music and the portrait. This portrait is so natural as I sit on the rocking chair on my porch and drink my coffee

This portrait of this sunset has got to be the start to this beautiful day… As I put my coffee cup on replay… Taking a sip, inhaling the day.

This portrait of this gold pink and blue sky filled morning has completed me…. Filled up of remarkable brilliance from this portrait. I’m relaxed, I’m free…. Freedom to the eye, to the mind, to the nose as I recline

Written by Mark Russ

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